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Amy Millar

Originally from Manchester, I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, in 2013, with a degree in Illustration.  


Initially, I worked as a teacher, and my commute would take me along the Fallowfield Loop (a repurposed railway line that forms part of the cycle network). In the early mornings and late evenings I’d see foxes, badgers and hedgehogs, on a daily basis, but I longed to leave the city because it didn’t inspire me to paint them. 


I made the move to Moray, in 2017, and now work full-time as an artist. Life is so different now: I live a small cottage surrounded by rather large fields, with two dogs, a flock of chickens and an adjacent forested estate.  


My love of the outdoors means I spend a lot of time in nature and, certainly, to the resident deer population, I’ve become part of the furniture. I have a talent for adding character to animals, and I am proud to show their self-awareness and charm in my paintings.