Tuck-Chee Phung

Tuck Chee Phung was born and brought up in Malaysia, where he studied Chinese painting as a child. He attended university there, majoring in Fine Arts and continued his studies in art history in the USA at the University of Kansas as a Fulbright scholar (MA), and in the UK at the University of Aberdeen (Ph.D.). He worked there as an artist with outpatients in a local hospital, and this led him to social work. Eventually he trained as a social worker and became involved in social work education and counselling.  

Tuck Chee has had solo exhibitions in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and London. The exhibition at the Commonwealth Institute, London, in 1985 explored the dream states, using cross-cultural icons to express the inner world. In 2013 he returned to exhibiting with a show entitled ‘In the Garden of Time and Flight’ in Aberdeen. His current work is influenced by psychoanalytic approaches in the exploration of archetypes and symbolisms of an inner life. At this time Tuck-Chee continues to practise as a person-centred counsellor and counselling supervisor.