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Orlando Dominic Gualtieri

Orlando is a maker living in Aberdeenshire. The lathe is often central to his work, most pieces originate here some are completed here, others, depending on the design of the piece, undergo further work involving carving or sculptural techniques and more elemental processes involving fire or water. He aims to work with the wood rather than against it.


He isn’t interested in function in his work, he concentrates solely on form. Having spent many years photographing the natural landscape and he is fascinated by the interaction of light with form and texture.


He works only with trees grown in Britain, mainly local, felled due to decay or that would otherwise be left and allowed to rot. The source of the wood he uses is important to him, he uses local hardwoods such as Elm and Ash.The wood is harvested and stored for a short time prior to it being worked.


He embraces cracks, voids and decay in the wood that others would consider to be defects, working the wood while it’s still green, and allowing the changes that happen during the drying process to influence the final form.  contact@orlandoartistinwood.com  www.orlandoartistinwood.com