Susan MacInnes

A pottery evening class in 2004, sparked my passion for mud, fire & water. The water element is strongest in my work this year. I've been missing our fab beaches - in Aberdeenshire and in South Uist. For me, pottery is a mixture of elements - art, science and a little magic! . . .It doesn't matter how many years you've been working with clay or how many times you've practised a process or used a glaze, inside the kiln is where the real magic happens, which I love (and sometimes hate!) There's an element of uncertainty at play in every firing for every potter and that's when you hope the kiln gods are going to be kind and not too tricksy. Many cracked pots and creations, good firings and BAD ones. have been part of my clay journey, and even being cast in Season 4 of The Great Pottery Throw Down. I hope you enjoy looking at my work online and come to chat clay at the 'physical' ArtAboyne Exhibition in July/August.