Victoria Wylie

I make contemporary abstract landscape paintings. My eye is drawn towards horizon lines, colour, marks and patterns in the landscape. I have a passion for remote and open spaces and I explore the visual tensions that arise when sky meets sea meets land. I translate these experiences into bold, striking and abstract depictions of a place. Each painting is a reflection from a particular place, a memory of a moment. 
I find inspiration while walking in nature – armed with a basic knowledge of the physical geography of the landscape, a geekish interest in maps and cloud formation and a desire to explore and breathe in the intoxicating wilderness air! 
The paintings are predominantly made using acrylic paints. I use different processes such as layering, scraping, re-painting and distressing. I love to play with textures, patterns and colours and I will often work further into the paintings with ink, pencils and oil pastels to create interesting marks and effects. 


I have exhibited throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK and have artworks in private collections across the world. 


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